Tam knew at an early age that she was supposed to help people. Some of her youngest childhood memories involve her role-playing helping “counseling” others. As she got older and navigated some incredibly difficult life choices while also surviving several types of abuse, she realized she was being prepared to share her experiences and her healing journey with others.

She began blogging in 2007 where her honest, vulnerable, and funny musings of her life quickly attracted a following. It wasn’t long until a tight-knit community was built. Tam regularly received emails from readers seeking her advice and counsel.

During this time Tam was writing her first book, And Now I Choose. She had spoken at small events, locally, but it wasn’t until And Now I Choose was released that her speaking career took off. Churches, women’s conferences, private events, small events, Bible studies, women’s retreats have all sought Tam out to be their speaker. These opportunities have become some of Tam’s most treasured honors in her profession.

“The pains of my past lost their sting when I realized their purpose.”

Tam has found her purpose; Helping women break the chains of past regrets, hurts, shame, and fear so they too can experience freedom and life to its fullest! To date, Tam has written three books: And Now I Choose, Choosing To Change, and a children’s book, You Matter.

Tam married her ‘supposed to be’ in 1991. She and Brent welcomed their first child, Kassidi, in 1994 and their son, Dakota, in 1996. They are a very close family, sometimes wild, always funny (mostly Kota and Tam) and each are committed to using their gifts to serve others.

Tam’s trifecta of Heaven on Earth includes the beach, coffee, and Oreos. It’s just that simple.



Skype sessions at times that work best for you without having to leave the comforts of home.


All sessions are one-on-one between you and me. No outside distractions


An in-person experience at a fraction of the cost required to meet in person with a coach.


What Should I Expect?

50-minute sessions. Up to 2 sessions a month. All sessions are one on one via Skype. Real talk. No judgment. Truth spoke in love and lots of encouragement!

Do I Need Coaching?

We all value help. Often, help comes from someone else who has walked in our shoes. Do you find yourself lamenting over a hurdle that continues to pop up in your life? Have you been so close to conquering your demons then give up because you feel alone? Then coaching is perfect for you!

Why 5 Sessions?

My coaching model has been created to walk you through 4 key areas that are imperative to address. They will enable you to not only identify what’s holding you back, but to quickly delete its power over you. The Freedom Five Package is ideal and will yield the most rewarding results.

What Does This Cost?

You have two options to choose from. Choose one session at a time for $85 per session. Or, choose the Freedom Five Package and receive 5 sessions for the price of 4!



I don’t know that I would be living with the same sense of peace and purpose if it were not for the guidance of my dear friend and mentor, Tammy Hodge. In times of personal, relational, and spiritual struggle, Tammy has provided wise counsel that undoubtedly helped me see the next right step in my journey. Her care for others comes from a very genuine place, as someone who understands the power of grace and second chances. LW

I’ve always felt so comfortable talking with Tam about different growth opportunities in my life. Her guidance taken from her own experiences has opened my eyes to examining some deep rooted issues I needed to address. I knew there wasn’t much that she hadn’t been through which allowed me to be honest with how I was feeling, knowing I was not being judged. I’m so grateful to have her in my life! GF

Tam is a thoughtful, caring intentional coach. During our time together, she asked questions that would quickly get to the heart of the issue we were working on. While she always communicated with warmth and compassion, she did not hesitate to offer words of clarity and wisdom. She is approachable, authentic, and supportive, which created an environment where I could determine my best next steps. AS

I have seen Tam at work and, as a mental health clinician, a friend, a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister, I have personally experienced her deliberate and discerning guidance that compels the soul toward growth and encourages boldness. Tam leads confidently and tenderly. Using her own journey as a catalyst and her profession as an author, public speaker, blogger, and leader, Tam guides others, welcoming the distress and discomfort that can come from the gamut of life experiences, and to overcome these through choosing freedom. Cathi Stegall

MSW, LCSW Chief Clinical Officer, Mental Health Provider, Wellness Lab & Clinics, LLC

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